We are a team of Executive Talent Advisors:


Executive Search

Executive Talent Assessment & Development

Executive Coaching & Sparring-Partnering


Executive Team Dynamics

Our mission


Sponsor and enhance the impact of forward-looking, genuine and humane leaders

Our 3 values are our difference



We are agile and able to be constructively provoking beyond mainstream thinking, with a long-term perspective in every recommendation we make and relationship we develop.


We are demonstrating candidate and client care exceeding their expectations, active and non-complacent listening, and taking a coaching posture in every discussion that we have.


We are committed when giving tactical or strategic advice, displaying a high level of positive energy.

Our clients

Our Clients are global listed and privately owned companies, in Industry, Energy, Consumer products, Luxury, Retail, Professional services, Non-Profit markets... and beyond

We are looking for Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Human Resources, Finance, Digital, Sales, Marketing, Supply chain, Operations, Compliance, R&D, Legal, Sustainable Development functions... and beyond

Kühnheit trägt Genius, Macht und Zauber in sich
Audacity contains in itself genius, power and magic
— Goethe

Our services


C-Suite Executives and Board Members

We are a team of Executive Talent Advisors providing our services with audacity, generosity, engagement... and beyond

Executive Search

  • Succession plan (C-Executives & Boards)

  • Board evaluation

  • Pre-search / talent mapping

Executive Talent Assessment & Development

  • Executive assessments

  • 360° Feedback

  • Talent Management Advisory

Executive Coaching & Sparring-Partnering

  • Executive coaching (8 or 10 sessions) to develop leadership abilities and personal dynamic

  • Sparring-partnering, which combines consulting and coaching to strengthen the decision making process

Executive Team Dynamics

  • A 4 step process to enhance team alignment & effectiveness

Εκεί που τα χαρίσματά σου συναντούν τις ανάγκες του κόσμου, εκεί βρίσκεται η αποστολή σου στη ζωή
Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation
— Aristotle

Our differentiation


We are equally strongly committed to the 3 following organizational health and sustainable growth criteria:


Business strategy and economic performance

Enhancement of individual uniqueness and team chemistry


Societal and environmental impact



Our structure defines who we are:

  • We are a small group of highly experienced partners significantly more agile than others

  • We focus on matters that require experience and sophistication: we limit the number and types of projects we undertake


We focus on anticipating Executive Talent pipeline needs on a just-in-time basis thanks to trusted relationships with clients on succession planning.


All our services include executive team dynamic and cohesion analysis (the Chemistry Effect), a unique blend of:

  • Individual & collective impact

  • Business driven focus

  • Company DNA compatibility

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are a multidisciplinary team coming from Psychology / Engineering / Law or Business studies… and Strategy consulting / Human Resources / Business Intelligence backgrounds.

  • Curious, passionate, genuinely generous with a high level of positive energy

  • Multicultural and global in our mindset and actions

  • Caring but not complacent

  • Agile and able to be constructively provoking beyond mainstream thinking

  • Business, results and performance driven

  • Eager to leverage cutting edge digital approach

The bad new is time flies, the good news is you’re the pilot
— Michael Altshuler

Points of View

Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself
— George Bernard Shaw




Audrey Hanssen

Audrey Hanssen accompanies executives to mobilize all their resources in order to adapt effectively to the complexity of their environment. By committing them to leave their comfort zone, it allows them to put an end to mechanisms and conditioning that have become limiting. She acts as a facilitator to transform anchored and inadequate strategies into a dynamic that promotes the emergence of new solutions.

Audrey’s coaching services are only provided in French.


Nathalie Ville

Nathalie Ville accompanies executives (and high level athletes) to help them discover new resources within themselves so that they can evolve with authenticity, agility and creativity. The originality of her approach lies in the possible combination of coaching sessions in the Paris region with sessions (one or two days) in Biarritz, to encourage stepping back from complex situations.

Nathalie’s coaching services are only provided in French.


Laurent Chouraqui

Passionate about accompanying men and women in their professional roles, Laurent has been coaching since 2009. In 2012 he created Step Ahead Consulting his own company and specializes in career coaching as well as executive and team coaching. In fact he coaches and facilitates in such environments as the media and Hi Tech where he was an entrepreneur and a manager as well as other sectors (finance, banking, luxury, automotive, etc.).

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Leaders futures

Learning through shared experience of ex-CEO Mentors



Illusions & cognitive science: Experiential pedagogy for businesses


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Programme EVE

Dare to be empowered


Article 1

Article 1 is an association that advises young people from less privileged backgrounds on their way to success, with professional & integration guidance


Leaders Quest

Improve the quality and impact of leaders around the world

Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present
— Albert Camus

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