Warwára Her


Warwára brings depth and insight to understanding the contribution of human capital in achieving strategic business objectives. She works with organizations on Senior Executive assessments, leadership development and coaching for C-level roles.

Warwára has considerable international credentials, having lived and worked in Europe and Asia Pacific. In those regions, she worked across a broad number of industries, market sectors and consulted with numerous executive teams and CEO’s. She has a track record of delivering value in a variety of business situations, including M&A, restructuring, or ambitious growth strategies.

Warwára brings a rare blend of multicultural skills and rich professional background which has enabled her to support organizations both in strategic talent management succession planning and in developing the next generation leaders to deliver on future business demands.

Prior experience

Warwára started her career as a management consultant with Consultants Unit in the Netherlands, advising organizations on business expansion in the Middle East. She then moved to join a European management consulting firm in Brussels, developing their office network, its business advisory, management assessment practice and senior search assignments. She subsequently worked for Korn Ferry Executive Search as Vice President in several offices, including Paris, Singapore and Bangkok. She was a Partner and Executive Coach with Collins-Tait International in Singapore and worked with corporate clients in the area of talent management and branding. After that, Warwára served as a Senior Partner for KornFerry Leadership and Talent Consulting in the Netherlands.

Prior to joining Beyond Associés, Warwára developed her private practice in leadership and talent consulting working with a broad portfolio of international clients across EMEA.


Warwára studied Human Resources with Cornell University ILR. She is certified in a broad range of psychometric tools (OPQ, Hogan, Decision Dynamics) and registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS).

She likes

Divergence, business buzz, a work out, winding down in the awakening of nature

She dislikes

Mediocrity, intolerance

Favorite quote

“It becomes harder and harder to say where the world stops and the person begins” Andy Clark