Michel Tobelem


Michel has worked with senior executives and organizations in supporting both talent selection and development processes that help them deliver their business strategy. His work has spanned across various sectors and has encompassed: design of talent management strategies; succession planning initiatives including high potential identification; due diligence or selection in situations of mergers and acquisitions, notably with the Private Equity sector; talent redeployment resulting from strategic or organizational changes; senior team effectiveness programs and leadership development in a broader sense.

Michel brings a unique ability to blend his analytical skills, business acumen, extensive international exposure and intuition to develop engaged recommendations that contribute to the business performance and pave the way for specific and actionable development paths at individual and organizational level.

Prior experience

Michel started his career in banking, at first with Credit Lyonnais in New York City and then spent 7 years with Citigroup in Paris where he managed large and global corporate banking relationships. He then moved to consulting and spent 7 years advising global financial institutions in designing and implementing the most relevant client strategies in their key markets. In that capacity, Michel had the opportunity to work with executives and banks in more than 30 countries across all continents.

Prior to co-founding Beyond Associés with Clotilde Doré and Christophe Tellier, Michel spent 10 years with Korn Ferry where he joined and grew the Leadership and Talent Consulting Practice for French clients.


Michel holds a degree in engineering from the French Ecole Polytechnique, as well as a Master’s degree in Economics, Econometrics and Statistics from the ENSAE. He is certified in a broad range of psychometric tools (e.g Hogan, Decision Dynamics).

He likes

Wit, intellectual challenges, honesty, crisp blue skies on a winter day and late suppers after a great concert

He dislikes

Pretention, prejudice, gossip, beetroot, bleak lighting

Favorite quote

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way…”