Anne-Marie Cambourieu

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Anne-Marie supports Executives and Organizations in an Advisor role on all topics related to the management of Human Resources and Corporate Governance.

Her scope of activities covers the definition of Human Resources and CSR policies, Performance and Talent Management issues, preparation of Succession plans and Team mobilization around transformation projects.

She also provides expert consulting on Corporate Governance as well as evaluations on the functioning of Boards of directors.

Anne-Marie has a proven track record of Top Executives team management in phases of transformation, restructuring or international development.

Her rich CHRO carrier also allows her to bring operational vision and experience on the role of human capital and corporate social / environmental responsibility in the success of business strategies.

Anne-Marie is also a member of the Board of Directors of Savencia Fromages & Dairy SA.

Prior experience

Anne-Marie began her professional career in Human Resources within the Philips and Whirlpool Groups.

She then developed inside of the Danone Group during 11 years, acting as Head of the Group's Resources Development, as well as the HR Director of the Dairy Products Division.

These last ten years, she successively was HR Director of Groupe such as Bull, Accor and Nexans.

Throughout her manager’s career she always worked in highly competitive environments: B2C (Whirlpool, Danone), major transformations (Bull, Accor) and Industry (Nexans).

She is particularly fond of the CSR and organizational transformation topics she had in charge these last 15 years.

She has also acquired extensive experience in Governance matters occupying the role of Secretary of Remuneration and Appointment Committees for the last 10 years within the Bull, Accor and Nexans Groups.


Anne Marie has a Master's degree in Private Law and a DESS in Human Resources Management, enriched by numerous leadership programs. She is certified in Hogan and OPQ programs.

She likes

Integrity, challenges, big tribes, mushroom picking and the return of poppies’ season.

She dislikes

Cowardice, laziness, mosquitoes, plastic bottles.

Favorite Quote

"Act as if it were impossible to fail" Winston Churchill