Adeline Ducray


Prior to joining Beyond Associés in September 2017, Adeline spent 5 years at Russell Reynolds Associates Paris, where she led high-level executive recruitment projects on an international scale within the consumer goods, retail and luxury sector.

Prior experience

Adeline formerly worked for two Human Resources and Recruitment consulting firms, where she deepened her knowledge of the consumer goods and retail sector. Prior to this, she managed a Parisian contemporary art gallery.

Adeline began her career at Lever Industriel.


Adeline is a graduate of the University Paris IX Dauphine, where she complemented her Master of Management Science with a Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies (DESS) in Human Resources.

She likes

Generosity, honesty, creativity, joie de vivre and the sound of cicadas

She dislikes

Arrogance, bad faith, laziness

Favorite quote

“I never lose. I either win or learn” Nelson Mandela