Laure Raeymackers


laure Raeymackers

As Office Manager at Beyond Associés, Laure is responsible for the organization of the office while providing day-to-day administrative support to the team.

Prior experience
Laure has longstanding experience with large international industrial and HR consulting firms.

She began her career at an NGO responsible for sponsoring children in South-East Asia. She then moved to Australia for a year, splitting her time between exploring the country and various professional experiences.

After returning to France, she spent four years at the Credit Management headquarters of Alcatel, and then made a brief incursion into the world of filmmaking.

She subsequently returned to the corporate world, where she remained at the EMEA Finance Department of Boston Scientific for seven years, before starting her first experience at Russell Reynolds.

Laure holds a master’s degree in translation and comparative stylistics in English and French

She likes:
Openness (to the world, to people), simplicity, travelling, good meals, art, and… organizing spur-of-the-moment things.

She dislikes:
Arbitrariness, cheese.

Favorite quote: 
“We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we have only one.”, Confucius