Anne Bimar


For over 20 years, Anne Bimar has been advising decision-makers in the economic, political and academic spheres. As a sparring-partner, she accompanies company leaders in the identification and structuring of their operational leadership decisions. She provides them with strategic support in their deep thinking and decision-making process and offers a specific expertise to the governance structure in the event of an open or latent conflict.

Prior experience
Anne began her career as a general practice litigator at the Paris Bar.

In 1998, Anne joined ESL & Network, an international strategic monitoring and business intelligence company. She has carried out strategic intelligence missions for executives of international companies listed on the stock market or not, as well as consultancy assignments in lobbying and communication in several countries. Concurrently with advisory missions, Anne was also a member of the Executive Board in charge of legal issues, animation and development of the international network.

Prior to joining Beyond Associés, Anne had founded and developed Cognitions, Sens & Décisions, an innovative approach to individual and collective coaching of leaders based on the “cognitive strategy” which combines strategic vision, organization and management style.

Anne is a lawyer by training. She holds a doctorate level degree (DESS) in litigation and arbitration.

She likes
Light, emotions, honey

She dislikes
Contempt, cold, “toxics”

Favorite Quote
« Everything that does not regenerate, degenerates » Edgar Morin, The Method-Tome V-Human Identity (2001)